There are so many people in Leeds who have the skills, experience and motivation to make change happen. With this skills quiz you can rate your skills on lots of different aspect of campaigning and group organising.

It’s fun, but also it’ll help you find skilled people who are happy to share their skills and also help identify areas where lots of organisers in Leeds would like some training or support.

Simply register as a user for the site, read the descriptions and rate yourself as a ‘novice’, ‘practitioner’, ‘expert’ or ‘ninja’ (the descriptions are for guidance don’t feel you have to meet every single bullet point – and don’t be modest – if you have skills let people know!) and tick the boxes if you’d be happy to share your skills with others in Leeds or if you would like to have training on this skill. Soon we’ll have a messaging service on this site so you’ll then be able to contact people offering skillshare directly. In the meantime please email and we will help to connect you.

This resource has been developed by the amazing people at Activist Skills and Knowledge in Manchester with cartoons from the excellent Marc Roberts

Find out more about how this resource works and what it means to share your skills on the blog.

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Bike Maintenance

Bikes are a healthy and sustainable mode of transport and with a bit of help anyone can learn the basics to keep their bike in good working order. Do you know your derailleurs from your bottom brackets?

Bringing People Together/Collaborative Leadership

Bringing diverse groups together around common interests to develop a shared goal and strategy is what movement building is all about!

Conflict Resolution

At times conflict causes problems in our groups. Are you the peacemaker in your group?

Consensus Decision Making

Consensus decision making is a creative and dynamic way of reaching agreement between all members of a group. Instead of simply voting for an item and having the majority of the group getting their way, a group using consensus is committed to finding solutions that everyone is happy with.

Cooking for the Masses

A movement for progressive social change marches on its stomach! Sharing food is a great way for people to meet and share ideas and long meetings need participants to be well fed.

Direct Action

Direct action is a powerful tool for making those causing environmental damage or social harm pay attention to your campaign.

Direct Action Planning

Do you know how to plan a direct action that will bring multinational corporations to their knees?

Diversity and Anti-Oppression

Social movements in Britain have long talked about being inclusive, anti-oppressive, diverse and non-hierarchical. However, many people who would be part of a strong and diverse movement are currently marginalised, while others aren’t yet aware of how their behaviour can exclude others.


A facilitator helps to keep a meeting on track and to make sometimes difficult decisions without going over time or excluding people from the process.

Finance for grassroots/non profit groups

No matter how big our group, if you want to do anything you'll need to spend some money and someone will need to keep track of what you have raised and how it has been spent.

Freedom of Information Requests

The freedom of Information act gives you access to nearly all the information held by the government.

Grant Fundraising

For most voluntary organisations, raising funds through grants is essential to do the work you want to do. Do you break into a sweat at the idea of filling in an application form or can you raise fund for just about anything?

Group Administration

Organisations of every size create admin - be it managing an email list or getting registered with the Charity Commission.

Group Dynamics

Are you good at unpicking power dynamics in groups and finding ways to include everyone?

Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own food in pots, your garden or allotment or in a community space can be great for the soul and for your health and help you regain a connection to nature.

Image Manipulation

Creating eye catching graphics to win people over to your cause.

Industrial Action/Pickets

Picketing your workplace during a strike is an effective way of raising awareness of your demands and showing bosses/government the amount of support there is for your cause.

Knowing Your Rights

Taking action on an issue that you are passionate about can put you on the wrong side of the law. Do you know your rights on arrest?

Layout Skills

All campaigns need leaflets, posters and graphics to catch the eye and get people engaged.

Legal Observer

At protests it's essential to keep an eye on what the police are up to, to document abuse of their powers and supportanyone that gets arrested.

Lobbying the Council/MPs

Do you understand the workings of the political machine and how to get politicians to respond to public pressure?

Looting the Ivory Tower

So much useful work for creating social change goes on in universities, but so much is beyond the reach of communities. Are you skilled at liberating knowledge from the 'Ivory Tower'?

Media Skills

There's no denying the power the media has to influence how people think. Do you know how to exploit the media to get your message across?

Meeting Design

Planning a meeting that brings new people together or develops new strategies takes design.


While it's amazing to have skills yourself - bringing other people up to your skill level through mentoring helps to make sure that movements for social change grow, divesify and create real change.

Movement Theory

Social change happens because of the actions of people like you. Understanding how change has happened in the past is important for strategising for making change in the future.

Organising Events

From fundraisers to public meetings and conferences - bringing people together is the backbone of creating social change.

Organising in Communities

Working in local communities to help people connect and act together to create change on issues that matter to them - or connecting existing groups to act together through the Community Organsing model.

Project Management

Project management skills involve strategising, making decisions, developing timeframes, chasing up action points and effective evaluation. Do you have the skills to turn a group's ideas into real change?


From delving into newspaper archives to conducting surveys on street corners and mining the internet for data, there are many different skills invovled in getting useful information for community action.

Running stalls

Stalls are a great way of talking to new people about your issue and recruiting for your cause as well as raising some funds.

Setting Up Co-operatives

Co-operatives are democratic organisations controlled by their members - housing co-operatives allow people to take control of their housing without landlords, and worker co-operatives allow workers to control their own labour without bosses. Setting up a co-operative takes a lot of work but has long term benefits both for members and for the communities they are part of.


Having skills is one thing. Sharing them is another!

Social Media

Social media has transformed the way we organise for social change and has helped network people to bring down dictators.

Solidarity Activism

Working in solidarity with communities affected by oppression or living at the front line of environmental destruction etc, hit locally, nationally or internationally

Sustaining Resistance

Life is too short to get burnt out by taking on too much! We need you to stay happy and healthy if you are going to create change.

Time Management

Many people in grassroots groups struggle with managing their activism with their work / home / social lives. Are you a ninja at managing your time or do you have a procrastination monster lurking in your laptop case.

Video Making

Videos of campaigns, actions and communities creating change show everyone how powerful and fun it can be to get active. Documenting protest has helped to show the world what is really going on and hold the powerful to account. Do you know one side of a camera from the other?

Website Design and Maintenance

Having information about what your group is up to on the web is essential for keeping supporters informed and helping new people to find out about what you are up to. Are you a html virgin or do you know your div tags from your mysql databases?

Writing Letters to Newspapers

The letters page is one of the most read parts of a newspaper. Why not use it to get your voice heard?