Group Administration

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Organisations of every size create admin - be it managing an email list or getting registered with the Charity Commission.

Level 1 - The Novice

  • You are much better at getting people to write down their emails at the end of a meeting than you are at actually getting them on to the list.
  • You keep to do lists but often miss things off them and if something doesn’t make it onto your list you will proabably need reminding to do it.

Level 2 - The Practitioner

  • You have set up email lists for groups and kept them up to date.
  • You have used online filesharing/group organising tools with your groups but not set one up and don’t know which is the best.

Level 3 - The Expert

  • You readily take on complex administrative tasks for groups and perform them well.
  • You have a really good grasp of the pros and cons of the various online tools for sharing files and keeping track of projects as a group.
  • Once you have agreed to a task you schedule in a time to complete it and are confident it will get done.

Level 4 - The Ninja

  • You take on key administrative roles for groups you are involved with (eg chair, secretary)
  • You know what is involved with setting up new groups and able to advise on legal structures, bank accounts, models of organising that are appropriate to the organisation.
  • You are aware of who is less reliable in your groups and able to keep them on track with reminders as well as managing your own tasks.