Stand up to UKIP (SUTU) is an umbrella organisation which believes women, trade unions, anti-?racists, black, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, other faith communities, LGBT, young people, students and all good people, must unite and stand up to UKIP, racism and bigotry.

UKIP made a major breakthrough in the European Parliamentary Elections in May 2014, coming first in the election polling 27.5% of the vote, and now have an elected MP in Clacton. They represent a serious threat to every community, by spreading myths and pulling all of politics towards the right.

We believe UKIP is a racist party. It is also a party of bigots, sexists, Islamophobes, homophobes and people prejudiced against disabled people. It represents the interests of big business and bankers who caused the economic crisis. It has built up its electoral base by both presenting itself as a party opposed to the European Union, but more importantly by spreading poisonous lies and hatred towards migrants and Muslims.

We aim to help stop the rise of UKIP in Leeds and nationally.



Ways you could get involved

  • Meetings
  • Social events
  • Demos
  • Direct action
  • Awareness-raising

Stand Up to UKIP