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Remember Oluwale [full name: the David Oluwale Memorial Assocation (DOMA)] starts with the story of David Oluwale’s origins in Nigeria and his life and death in Leeds (1949-1969), including his early life in Nigeria and his experience in the UK of exclusion and police persecution.  We aim to educate the city of Leeds in coming to terms with its past, in improving its care for those who remain marginalised (because of the mental health distress, destitution, substance abuse, homelessness and/or racism that they endure) – and to promote equality, diversity and racial harmony for our people.

DOMA is a charity registered with the UK Charities Commission, registered Charity Number 1151426 (DAVID OLUWALE MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION) and a company limited by guarantee registered at Companies House (England and Wales) (company number: 8107693).




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