Leeds Citizens is a diverse and independent alliance of civil society organisations who are acting together for the common good. Our aim is to tackle the major injustices facing people in the city, through grassroots Community Organising and public action.

By bringing together faith communities, residents groups, schools, colleges, universities, trade unions and charities, we are strengthening civil society and increasing the participation of ordinary people in public life. But before we take action, we are taking time to listen.

In September 2014, we launched a Listening Campaign to build community relationships and identify some of the main issues faced by people in Leeds. Through one-to-one conversations, group meetings and community activities, we are building an ambitious social justice agenda for the city.

Following a six-month Listening Campaign, our members have built community relationships and recently voted to begin campaigns on Poverty, Health & Social Care and Transport. We begin taking public action for change in Spring 2015 and will formally launch at a Founding Assembly on Tuesday 7th July 2015.

Leeds Citizens is part of Citizens UK, the national home of Community Organising (charity no. 1107264). Citizens UK has trained thousands of people in Community Organising and led successful campaigns on a range of local and national issues, including the Living Wage, street safety, housing, immigration and health. There are Citizens UK alliances in Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham, London and Milton Keynes.

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