The Headingley Festival of Ideas is all about exploring creative ideas which may not necessarily lead to something – although some might – but the main purpose is to tap into the joy of ideas, debate and discussion. We aim to appeal to the wide variety of people in Headingley, and to all age groups.

The first Festival of Ideas took place in 2014 on the theme ‘cycles’ its 2 week programme of 13 events and activities was attended by over 600 people.

This year the Headingley Festival of Ideas will be running from 3rd – 17th October. with a theme of ‘Change’.

The Festival is planned and organised by a group of local volunteers who are now starting to put together a programme for October 2015.

We are interested in any local people and organisations that would like to take part by hosting, sponsoring and organising events.

Events should adhere to the following principles;

  • The Festival is about IDEAS
  • The Festival aims to inspire discussion, debate and dialogue on a wide range of topics under the theme of ‘Change’
  • The events should take place in Headingley
  • We welcome any organisation that can attract the wide variety of people that live in Headingley to explore new ideas
  • Preference will be given to events that are (Headingley) community led
  • We are looking for new and creative ways of enabling ideas to be shared and discussed
  • The festival will support freedom of expression

If you or your organisation

  • is interested in organising an event;
  • have a venue that you could make available;
  • would like to sponsor an event in our programme, or
  • like to help in any way

please contact:



Ways you could get involved

  • Meetings
  • Social media
  • Fundraising
  • Financial support
  • Steering group
  • Organise an event

Headingley Festival of Ideas