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 Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) works with people from all  backgrounds and situations to handle conflict, deal with violence and build better relationships.

For 20 years we have run friendly, low-cost workshops and courses across the UK that can really make a difference to people’s daily life. We’re delighted to have just opened a new office in Leeds and are now able to offer workshops to people in Leeds and the surrounding area.

We work to reduce violence in homes and communities by supporting people in the community as well as in prison. We can also offer courses for specific service users.

Who can come to a workshop?

The workshops are open to all and may be particularly useful to:

  • People who are affected by domestic abuse, as victims or perpetrators.
  • People who are affected by violence or abuse which undermines their mental health.
  • People in the criminal justice system, at risk of offending or ex-offenders.
  • Anyone who wants to deal better with conflict or learn to handle difficult situations with other people.

What AVP offer:

  • Taster sessions tailored to your service users.
  • Three-day workshops in the community or in prison.
  • Six-week distance-learning course for prisoners.

Did you know that….:

  • The rate of interpersonal violence in Britain is twice the average of the industrialised world.
  • Re-offending rates in Britain are more than 70%.


AVP Britain works on the conviction — backed by research of conflict dynamics — that people are not inherently violent, and that violence is resorted to from a lack or perceived lack of alternatives.

To find out more about AVP ethic and ways of working explore our website here and here


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