Angel of Youths is a community based in Leeds. Our aim is to help young people between the ages of 18-30 to build their dream careers and attain their desired lifestyles.


The “Angel of Youths” enlarges the coasts of youths, young people and young adults in our society and community today so that they can build a brighter tomorrow and a much better future.
Company Overview

The main objective of the A.O.Y Project (Angel of Youth) is to offer varied entrepreneurial opportunities for youths to be run by youths in their local communities. Youths will be selected regardless of their ethnicity, ability or disability, gender and religious backgrounds. This way, no one feels exempted, secluded or left out.

This project aims to bridge the gap between cultures by creating strong and inclusive communities, promoting financial inclusion, skills, and employment, developing community facilities or networks, promoting youth independence or quality of life, and finally help improve the environment. will lead to improvements of West North Leeds residents and the communities
General information

Ultimately, we aim to improve, enhance and benefit the community by giving our younger generation the chance, choice and opportunity to identify, realise and explore their own dreams, goals and aspirations that will help shape their own future and by extension, positively impact their localities.



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