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Sat 24/3/18   11:00

#stopbrexit Great Northern March

Chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the triggering of Article 50 in March 2017, the purpose of this march is to demonstrate that the majority of people in Northern England feel positively European and proud. The European Union has given us peace, prosperity and power, and while it’s not perfect, we know we are better off in than out.

Event organised by Leeds for Europe

Sat 24/3/18   13:00

How we will keep Leeds Labour

We will welcome Andrew Gwynne MP, shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, to discuss the mounting pressure and challenges for Labour councils in the face of devastating Conservative budget cuts and austerity - and how every activist has a part to play in the local elections just as we did in GE2017.

Event organised by Momentum Leeds

Mon 26/3/18   12:00

WYDAN Night Shelter

Roscoe & Trinity Churches in conjunction with WYDAN (West Yorkshire Destitute Asylum Network) will be hosting up to 10 people who are destitute asylum seekers with no-where to stay during the winter nights.

Event organised by Leeds for Change

Wed 28/3/18   12:00

DEPUTATION to Leeds council about fossil fuel divestment

This event is organised by Fossil Free West Yorkshire. On 28 March at Leeds Civic Hall at lunchtime Simon Campbell Skelling is taking a deputation to the council requesting fossil fuel divestment.

Event organised by Leeds for Change

Wed 28/3/18   18:30

Having Difficult Conversations about Migration - Workshop

Debates on migration and prejudice can be uncomfortable, upsetting or angry, and often do little to change anyone’s mind. At the same time, fighting for a progressive stance on these issues is more important than ever, and to do so it is paramount we learn how to successfully listen to and talk with people who hold different views.

Event organised by Leeds Labour Campaign for Free Movement

Wed 28/3/18   19:00

Chinwag with Adam Smith (The Real Junk Food Project)

Adam is a founder and co-director of the visionary, multi-award-winning, global initiative: The Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP). Set up in December 2013, to revolutionise the disposal of avoidable food waste into landfill, the pioneering movement’s manifesto is to: feed bellies, not bins.

Event organised by ChinwagTV

Tue 3/4/18   19:00

Councillors and Governing in a Complex Environment

In Britain, central government decides the shape, population, responsibilities, powers and functions of councils in England and the number of elected members a council will have. It is central government which can, and does, abolish councils, or entire layers of local government which lacks even the most basic constitutional protection, including the right to continued existence.

Event organised by Café Economique

Tue 10/4/18   19:15

The Show Me The Money Quiz

Our version of "The Positive Money Quiz". Come along and learn about money and banking, meet new people in small groups, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Enjoy a very pleasant evening out.

Event organised by Events

Tue 1/5/18   19:30

The Corporate Enclosure of Communications: Contemporary Media and Public life

The last three decades have witnessed an unprecedented concentration of control over public communications in the hands of a diminishing number of mega corporations. Britain has one of the most concentrated newspaper markets in the western world. Television is increasingly controlled by major companies owned offshore.

Event organised by Café Economique