About us

Our aim is to link groups in Leeds who are working to make our city – and the wider world – a better place.

Groups trying to bring about social change often face similar sets of challenges and usually share broadly similar world-views: Leeds for Change is a place to overcome these challenges, and cultivate this common ground.

How it works

Leeds for Change is a hub website that allows you to:

  • Meet other change makers in the city
  • Join groups that are creating change in Leeds
  • Get involved with campaigns (and create them!)
  • Find out what is going on from our calendar
  • Receive regular newsletters
  • Go to skill sharing events and offer your skills and services to others
  • Network and establish links
  • Add your input to others’ actions
  • Blog about your views and opinions
  • Find the relevant venues and resources
  • and most importantly: make a big difference to the world!

How do I join?

You can use the site without joining, although its functionality expands if you join.

Benefits for groups:

  • Greater visibility online: gain access to 1000+ activists in Leeds
  • Exposure to a wider pool of potential supporters, volunteers and allies
  • Opportunities for publicising events through our website and social media channels
  • Opportunities for collaboration in campaigning
  • Opportunities for skill-sharing and capacity-building
  • Mutual support amongst groups with similar aims
  • Easier to avoid clashing events

Benefits for individuals:

  • Easier to find out what events are happening in Leeds
  • Easier to find which groups are tackling the issues that matter to you
  • You can ask questions of other local activists

Who we are

Leeds For Change came together when three  organisations working for change in Leeds came together: Tidal, Taking Soundings and Together for Peace.  They came up with the idea of creating a platform that inspires people to make change, encourages people to get together and makes it as easy as possible to find out what is going on in Leeds and to meet others.

Since then, Leeds for Change has evolved into a standalone organisation operated by a small paid staff and an army of dedicated volunteers.

Our ever-growing membership of groups and individuals looking to enact positive social change in Leeds is the real answer to this question though.

We are always looking for members to get more involved.

Our values

Leeds For Change stands for Justice, Equality and Solidarity.

Solidarity: we aim to stand together in support of those who are marginalised and excluded because of their gender, class, race, nationality, (dis)ability, religion, sexual orientation, wealth, immigration status and other lines of oppression. By solidarity, we mean being actively on the side of the marginalised and excluded, and working with agendas and goals chosen by those affected. We want to transform the relationships of power that lead to oppression.

Justice: we believe that people should be treated with justice and humanity whatever their status, and that everyone has equal rights before the law. We recognise that these principles are frequently flouted, with the most vulnerable groups being treated unjustly too often, and we support all efforts to secure justice for people and the environment.

Equality: we advocate radical structural change designed to achieve much greater levels of economic equality; we want to see fully equal participation in political affairs by people in every walk of life; we want to sharply reduce the cultural and social inequalities that prevail today. We support those who campaign for equality in all sectors of society.

The local is the global: our primary focus in on Leeds, but we are committed to international solidarity, global justice and equality, and our website will manifest that commitment.

Rules and Regulations

Here you can read our working constitution and our house rules. We are currently in the process of becoming a Community Benefit Society.

These are working documents , in continual development. If you’ve got any ideas on how to make them better, register, sign in and comment away.

Photo: Max Farrar
Photo: Simon Hulme / YEP