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Leeds for Change is here to help connect social action in our city, make it easy to get involved and to better share skills and resources. Have a look round, and get yourself registered to use all the features. Enjoy!

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Chapeltown Cohousing


Cohousing is more than just a nice idea. It’s a conscious attempt to find a better way of living – better for ourselves, our neighbours, our society and our planet.

People who find fulfilment in accumulating wealth and possessions are not likely to see the point of cohousing. One of the main motivations behind those of us currently involved in Chapeltown Cohousing is the desire to be part of a genuinely caring community, where neighbours are looking out for each other and enjoying doing things together.
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Most good things have already been said far too many times and just need to be lived.
Shane Claiborne

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Max 11.4.14  8:04 PM

Howdy David! I agree. It's the creeping crawling Americanisation of everything. I bet it is so embedded in WordPress that even Bill can't dig it out. I could just about tolerate Hi, Max. But that's taken be about ten years of textspeak to acclimatise. Could be because I'm SOOOO old

cornerstonecath 4.4.14  7:38 AM

On the Local groups on our database field, could you make the header a link, or enable manual scrolling?

cornerstonecath 4.4.14  7:37 AM

missing animals and workers rights/labour issues from the 'tell us about yourself list'. Prob missing lots, obviously, but I think those two are big areas

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